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Bespoke Wedding Dresses – Your Dream Wedding Dress by Riki Dalal

Finding the wedding dress is a very personal and meaningful choice, that should not be taken lightly, just like choosing your mister right. While it is often said that love chooses us, it is you that chooses the style and wedding look and if you are the kind of bride that has a clear vision of her exquisite dress and wishes to create a unique look – a bespoke wedding dress is what you should go for. Riki Dalal has over 40 years’ experience in bespoke dressmaking, creating the perfect dress for brides all over the world. A bespoke dress is made entirely based on the bride’s vision and description, starting at a private appointment and sit-down to listen and understand your wishes and desires, moving to the sketching board, followed with multiple fitting sessions to custom make your dream into reality, making sure you look absolutely fabulous on the big day, because it’s all about you!

Your Style

Strapless, one-shoulder, high-neck, jumpsuit, or dual look bridal gown, in lace, satin, layered tulle, sensual or elegant and traditional, Riki Dalal specializes in creating the most fashionable, chic and glamorous bespoke wedding dress fitted to your style, personality and figure. If you are interested in a special gown then the Israeli’s signature style and detailing will provide exactly that in creating an unforgettable look for your wedding day, in petite or tall length, in the color and fabric of your choice from our wide range of options.


Boho chic, avant garde, classic or princess, whatever style and look you go for, Riki Dalal bespoke gown design will be an exclusive styling of your vision. If you wish to mix and match styles and elements together, our team of talented seamstresses will realize it in a never-to-be-seen again wedding gown. The price tag for bespoke dresses is higher than ready-to-wear and made-to-measure dresses, as it an exclusive and unique design made especially for you and a one-of-a-kind Riki Dalal design for the dress of your dreams is priceless! Bespoke dressmaking is a journey of several months, and having a clear idea of your wedding dress can definitely make the process more flowing and short. But, no worries, our Riki Dalal team of experts is highly experienced in accompanying brides all over the world on the journey to making their dream into reality and will be thrilled to meet you 1*1 for a private meeting on the most wonderful journey of creating a bespoke wedding dress specifically for you.
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