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Finding the perfect wedding dress for your Special Day

The wedding day is one of the most special days in your life. Every bride dreams of this day, pictures herself walking down the aisle to her soulmate in the perfect gown. When shopping for a wedding gown there are many things to consider and most important of all is finding the wedding gown that fits your style, attitude and of course your figure, perfectly. With so many silhouettes, styles and designs to choose from, it is very easy to have your head spin. If you are about to embark on a find-the-perfect-wedding-dress journey, we have prepared this amazing guide especially for you. First things first, the hunt for the dress usually begins after setting the date, picking the ceremony and reception venue and finalizing the wedding theme. All of these important steps must be reflected in your dress choice. Your dress should be a perfect fit to the time of year and venue. You should be completely comfortable in outdoor or indoor wedding, summer, fall, winter or spring.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the perfect fabric and style, to fit the weather conditions. Light fabrics like tulle, chiffon or lace are wonderful choices for a spring or summer wedding dress, making you feel airy and light. Satin, layered lace finish and corset fitted dress styles will be perfect for winter and fall weddings, keeping you warm and making you feel majestic. Flowing, in lace, with sweetheart neckline, off-the-shoulders design will be a wonderful choice for a spring or summer wedding. A mermaid, ball gown, or Victorian neckline dress style will be perfect for a winter and fall wedding, keeping warm and stunning. When you pick the perfect location and venue for your wedding, the theme plays a huge role in your vision and decision, and therefore you should follow the same vision as you visit the bridal boutique for the first time, it will help you to stay focused and save precious time on the way to aisle! Focusing on the perfect silhouette for your body shape will also assist when your eyes wander around among hundreds of dresses. Mermaid and trumpet silhouette bridal gowns are perfect for an hourglass body shape. Sheath wedding gown silhouette is perfect for slender, athletic and of straight body shaped brides. An A-line silhouette bridal gown is the perfect fit for you, if you are apple shaped. The Princess ball gown silhouette will look amazing on a pear-shaped bride. The wedding dress should accentuate your most beautiful features, your personal style and amazing personality, and just be a bit more enchanting, magical and unforgettable.

Our couture and NOYA by Riki Dalal, ready-to-wear bridal gowns, are made in versatile colors, materials and a huge variety of styles. It will be our pleasure to help you find the perfect dress for your special day in a private appointment.

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